We understand that your commercial space needs to compliment your branding as well as be functional. Working with your business, we will recommend a floor coating that matches your needs and budget.

All of our floor coating systems can be used on commercial floors and can be fully customizable from colours to textures. Refer to our Systems page for more information.


  • Less than 36-hour turnaround available when needed
  • Anti-slip solutions to improve workers safety
  • Easy to clean and maintain, cutting down on clean up time
  • Hard wearing and durable surface, will last for years to come
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • Turns existing, imperfect floors into a seamless surface
  • High gloss floor creates a brighter work area (can improve by 300%)
  • No-hassle warranties and easy touch up systems
  • Cost efficient flooring solution, low maintenance or up keep costs
  • Looks great!