With our experience in coating floors from 100 to 80,000 square feet, we can offer you price effective flooring options to meet your industrial needs. TKO Concrete is well equipped to offer you the right floor coating option with minimal downtime. We take pride in providing you a quality floor on time.

Using TKO 100% Epoxy, we can offer a smooth floor coating system ideal for daily forklift, foot, or vehicle traffic. TKO 100% Epoxy is an easy to clean, sealed surface. For areas requiring a severe duty coating system, we have a variety of options to meet those needs. All our products have CFIA approval and meet all VOC requirements.


  • Less than 36-hour turnaround allowing for over the weekend refinishing if needed
  • Anti-slip solutions to improve workers safety
  • Easy to clean and maintain, cutting down on plant clean up time
  • Hard wearing and durable surface, will last for years to come
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • Turns existing, imperfect floors into a seamless surface
  • High gloss floor creates a brighter work area (can improve by 300%)
  • No-hassle warranties and easy touch up systems
  • Cost efficient flooring solution, low maintenance or up keep costs
  • Looks great!